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Car Servicing

A regular service makes sure you get the best performance from your vehicle – checking the car’s components reduces the risk of problems in the future and can save you from paying out a fortune on your car when potential problems arise. We can service your vehicle whilst under manufacturer’s warranty.

Shentons Garage in Ashbourne offers full car servicing for vehicles of all makes. This outstanding service is carried out by our team of exceptionally talented motor vehicle technicians experienced in working on all car makes with skill and precision. We only use quality car parts so you can be guaranteed that your car will perform at the best standard.

Car Repair

There’s no need to anguish about any problems with your car – here at Shentons Garage in Ashbourne our team of highly skilled motor vehicle technicians are on hand to fix your vehicle with an aim to get you back on the road straight away.

We’ll discuss any of your car’s issues with you so you are fully aware of the repair work needed, and we will only carry this work out with your approval. We only use quality car parts to repair your vehicle so your car will perform at its best after our work has been carried out.

MOT Testing

To comply with UK laws, all vehicles over 3 years old need to be checked for their roadworthiness. This is why Shentons Garage in Ashbourne offers a full MOT service to test your vehicle and determine whether we need to carry out essential repairs. We offer free retests within 10 working days.

Shentons Garage will only make necessary repair and maintenance recommendations, and we’ll do this at an affordable cost. Our MOT facility can carry out tests on vehicles up to 3500kg. Diagnostics With more cars relying on computer technology, it has become a necessity to carry out software diagnostics on vehicles. Shentons Garage in Ashbourne is happy to provide a full diagnostics service for your vehicle using state-of-the-art technology to analyse vehicle faults.

Air Conditioning

Periodic air conditioning treatment is a must for all vehicles. Bacteria and fungi can build up in your air conditioning units, which can cause poor air flow and illness, not to mention decreasing your vehicle’s efficiency by increased fuel consumption.

Here at Shentons Garage in Ashbourne we’ll provide your car with a full antibacterial treatment that will cleanse and de-odourise your air conditioning system. This will purify the air and increase your vehicle’s efficiency.


Shentons Garage in Ashbourne will assess your clutch’s operability and, if we feel that there is a risk to your vehicle, we will advise on any repair work that may be needed.

Our team of talented motor vehicle technicians use only the very best quality parts to carry out any clutch work, and we’ll only proceed with repairs if we feel they are essential to the performance and safe driving of your vehicle.


As the cambelt is crucial to your engine’s operation, our team at Shentons Garage Ashbourne will check and determine whether you need a replacement cambelt while bearing in mind your vehicle’s age and mileage. If our motor vehicle technicians are satisfied it is working fine, then we’ll let you know and let you go!

Our Team

All of our qualified motor vehicle technicians have over 60 years of experience combined in vehicle repairs & servicing, and have confidence in working on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, lorries and motorcycles.

Above all, we guarantee excellent customer service and aim to exceed your expectations in quality, cost and time of work. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions about your vehicle and the services we offer.

Get in touch today and find out how we can service your vehicle needs. Call us on 01335 300734 or email garage@shentonsgarage.co.uk.